Elevating daily routines.

In our search for sustainable products, we were disappointed over and over again. We always felt we had to compromise on convenience, quality or aesthetics.

Knowing the beauty industry had been serving us mostly water and single-use plastic, we just knew there had to be a better way. Products that actually fit in people’s current lifestyle that have a positive impact, without compromising.

Yasmine Mili & Lorenz Lüttgens, MORO co-founders

Our Philosophy — MORO means 'habits' in the language Esperanto.

And that's what everything revolves around for us. Creating impactful habits that fit our current lifestyle without feeling the need to compromise on comfort, convenience, or minimal design. Only by developing better habits we can make a long-lasting positive impact on our planet.

MORO is a call to change. A change in our forms of consumption, as well as production and redistribution, with the objective of leaving a positive impact throughout the entire line. We just happened to start with personal care products.

Anatomy of Our Packaging

We feel responsible to communicate transparently about all our choices. Not just highlight the ingredients. Packaging is often forgotten, but has a big environmental impact.

We choose to be 100% transparent on all materials used, even the less sustainable ones. 


We closely work together with an independent lab specialized in natural derived ingredients, situated in France. Before starting to work on a formula, we give them a detailed brief on our expectations accompanied by an ingredient blacklist.

We can assure you our formulas are healthy for you and our planet. 

  • Social Engagement

  • We were not sure if we should even include this section, as it was a no-brainer for us to work with a community driven partner. But we mean it when we want to be fully transparent.

    Our Belgian partner, a sheltered workplace, carefully provides all assembly, stock and distribution of all MORO orders. 

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