A detailed insight into
our packaging

Mushroom Packaging

The inlay protecting our glass bottles is made from mushrooms.

Yes, you read it well, mushrooms. It is made from agricultural waste and mycelium (which is the root structure of mushrooms), grown in The Netherlands. Trees take five to seven years to grow before being used for cardboard manufacturing. Mycelium just takes 7 days to grow. Reuse it to store your jewelry, crayons or grow some fresh herbs inside. Or just break it into small pieces and sprinkle it in your compost or garden, it will break down to fertile soil in less than 40 days.

Mycelium is carbon negative, fully biodegradable & home compostable. This is the future of packaging.

Glass Bottle

Our forever bottles are produced in a small Portugese family company.

Glass is an easily recyclable material composed of natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash). To make glass very high temperatures are needed and thus is very energy intensive. Luckily, just like us, our producer attaches great importance to sustainability and invests in sustainable energy such as solar panels and uses 50% recycled glass in the production process.

Glass is a perfect material for the conservation of cosmetic products thanks to its neutrality and stability. Perfect to reuse and refill for years.

FSC Paper

All of our shipping boxes and paper-based cases are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This certification issued by the World Wildlife Fund guarantees the legality of wood use, no illegal deforestation, the sustainable management of forests and the conservation of biodiversity.

The FSC label is the gold standard in the paper industry. It has strict specifications: only 5% of the world's forests are FSC certified.

We are always on the lookout for paper alternatives that are sturdy enough to be used as packaging.


Our pumps come from China. Not so sustainable you might say? We agree.

Up until now we haven't found a suitable alternative close to home that is qualitative or doesn't require huge order quantities that can not be achieved in this stage of our company.

We're not ashamed of this. As long as we're being transparent.

Refill Pouches

The refill pouches in which the powder is housed are made out of a mono-material called OPP. This is plastic derived material with a high-moisture barrier function to protect the powder that is very sensitive. In the end, guaranteeing the safety of our products is our biggest concern.

We experimented a lot with alternative materials, such as paper and industrially compostable packaging. Paper seemed ideal, but sadly was not efficient enough. There were other alternatives that were industrially compostable, but since this type of recycling is not common in Europe, we decided to go for a material that is 100% recyclable.

Technology is evolving fast though, so we strongly believe we will be able to make better choices in the near future.