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A formula that's kind to your hair and the planet. Tailored to meet your hair's everyday needs.

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We envision a world where self-care and sustainability coexist — where looking after yourself aligns with looking after the planet.

  • Natural

  • Plastic-free

  • Vegan

Most liquid personal care products contain 80% water, wrapped in single use-plastic. Why ship water?

Step 1 tap water — Step 2 refill — Step 3 Shake & Enjoy

From the ingredients to the materials, we create products for a mindful lifestyle. — formulated to be kinder to your skin and the planet.

  • "The quality is amazing and the scent is lovely. The best part is that it's refillable! Knowing I'm reducing my plastic footprint makes me feel even better."


  • "Very satisfied with this soap. Local product with natural ingredients is a plus. Soft soap, nice scent. The scrub is also very nice with a wonderful scent."


  • "I love the natural smell and texture. My skin feels soft and nourished. Love it!"


  • Sarah Mili

    “It’s a solution that I feel is perfect for us. It’s not only a beautifully designed object with a high-quality product inside, but at the same time it gives us a good feeling everytime we refill that we’re contributing to a world with fewer plastic bottles. ”

    Sarah recommends

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  • Hannah Van Eenooghe

    “MORO is the beginning of those small daily rituals that can contribute to a more sustainable life. How they innovatively deal with water and plastic is a real eye-opener. The constant refilling of the same beautiful glass bottle, with the refill not containing water in advance, is an ingenius concept. ”

    Hannah recommends

    Hand wash - Rosemary

  • Michou Liebaert

    “I stumbled upon MORO a while ago. The concept struck me as brilliantly simple yet revolutionary. It never crossed my mind that the majority of household products are essentially water! MORO's approach feels like a glimpse into the future, where such mindful consumption is the norm. ”

    Michou Liebaert recommends

    Hand wash scrub - Spices


MORO is a call to change — A change in our forms of consumption, as well as production and redistribution, with the objective of leaving a positive impact throughout the entire line. We just happened to start with personal care products.