Terms & Conditions

The MORO website and webshop are owned by:
MORO Essentials BV
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9880 Aalter

Art. 1 - General. 

These General Terms and Conditions ("General Terms") apply to any sale of products ("Products") by MORO ESSENTIALS BV, with registered office at Jan Van Boendalelaan 18, 3080 Tervuren and registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under company number 0769.300.466 ("MORO ESSENTIALS" or "We"), regardless of the way in which the order ("Order") for the Products is placed.

If the Order is placed via the MORO ESSENTIALS website, available at www.moro-essentials.com ("Website"), these General Terms and Conditions shall be made available to the purchaser ("Customer", "You") electronically so that they can be easily stored by the Customer on a durable data carrier. By placing an Order, the Customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted without reservation the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"). The invalidity of any article of these General Terms and Conditions or its conflict with public order or mandatory law provisions shall not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining articles. MORO ESSENTIALS may at any time revise the present General Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions in force shall always be made available on the Website as from the date on which the latest version comes into force. The current General Terms and Conditions are always displayed at the time of placing an Order.

Art. 2 - Definitions. 

In the General Conditions of Sale, the following terms should be understood as follows:

Products: Any (all) products that (those) MORO ESSENTIALS offers for sale through the Website or in any other way.  

MORO ESSENTIALS Handwash: the MORO ESSENTIALS Handwash is a moisturizing hand soap that, including a glass dispenser, comes in powder form. When the Customer adds water to the powder in the glass dispenser and shakes it, the Customer obtains the MORO ESSENTIALS Handwash. The MORO ESSENTIALS Handwash dispenser should only be used with the MORO ESSENTIALS powder hand soap. To refill the MORO ESSENTIALS dispenser you only need to purchase the MORO ESSENTIALS Handwash Refill. 

MORO ESSENTIALS Bodywash: the MORO ESSENTIALS Bodywash is a moisturizing shower gel that comes in powder form, including a glass dispenser. When the Customer adds water to the powder in the glass dispenser and shakes it, the Customer obtains the MORO ESSENTIALS Bodywash. The MORO ESSENTIALS Bodywash dispenser should only be used with the MORO ESSENTIALS powder shower gel. To refill the MORO ESSENTIALS dispenser you only need to purchase the MORO ESSENTIALS Bodywash refill.

Art. 3 - Offers and Orders. 

Illustrations, dimensions, capacities, weights, description of equipment, options and other indications of the Products, price lists and offers ("Offers") included on the Site of MORO ESSENTIALS have been composed as carefully as possible, but are only approximate and purely informative and are only given as information without obligation. 

Each Offer contains sufficient information regarding:

(i) the price including taxes;

(ii) any shipping costs;

(iii) the way in which the Order will be concluded and the actions required for this purpose;

(iv) the possibility of applying a right of withdrawal; and

(v) the possible methods of payment, delivery and execution of the Order.

This information is provided to the Customer so that it is clear to the Customer what the rights and obligations are, which are connected to the Order, as well as so that the Customer can make a proper assessment of the Products. If an Offer has a limited period of validity or is made subject to conditions, this shall be expressly stated in the Offer.

MORO ESSENTIALS reserves the right to change Products unilaterally. Our latest version of the webshop, catalogs and price lists always replace and cancel all previous ones. Products which no longer appear in them can no longer be the subject of an Order. MORO ESSENTIALS reserves changes in shape, dimensions and design to ensure the quality of our Products.

To place an Order, you must be of legal capacity and at least 18 years of age on the day of placing the Order. The ordering process is as follows: the Customer must add the Product to the shopping cart on the Website. The Customer then enters various contact and payment details, after which the delivery method is chosen. Via a summary page, all the details of the Order are displayed, as well as a link to these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. The Customer must accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and then complete the Order by going through the payment process. The Order is final when all these steps have been completed and the payment has been accepted. 

Any Order received must be the subject of a receipt notice from MORO ESSENTIALS to be considered valid with respect to MORO ESSENTIALS. As long as an Order has not been expressly accepted by MORO ESSENTIALS, no Agreement ("Agreement") has been formed. Customer shall be bound by each Agreement in a final and irrevocable manner. 

MORO ESSENTIALS only offers Products that are in stock through its Website. Its services and prices are applicable as long as they are visible on the Website. In the event of an Order for a Product which, for whatever reason, is no longer in stock, MORO ESSENTIALS shall endeavour to make the Product available again. MORO ESSENTIALS shall inform the Customer by email of the (temporary) unavailability of the Product at the latest within seven (7) days after placing the Order. The Customer shall thereby have the choice to await the availability of the Product and/or to cancel the Order at no additional cost. In case the Customer chooses to wait for the availability of the Product, the Product will be shipped as soon as it is available again. If it is not possible to get the Product in stock or the Customer chooses to cancel the Order, MORO ESSENTIALS shall refund the Customer in the amount of the price for the Product concerned, within thirty (30) days after the Customer notifies MORO ESSENTIALS of such choice.

MORO ESSENTIALS reserves the right not to validate the Order, in particular, in case of refusal of validation of payment by the issuer of the payment card You use, or in case of fraud or reasonable suspicion of fraud. In such situation, the Order shall be cancelled and the purchase agreement shall be considered not to have been concluded.

Art. 4 - Price. 

MORO ESSENTIALS always reserves the right to change prices unilaterally. The latest version of the price lists, available via the Website, always replace and cancel all previous versions. Prices are inclusive of Belgian VAT. During the period of validity mentioned in the Offer, if any, the prices of the Products offered shall not be increased, except for price changes due to changes in VAT rates.

Art. 5 - Terms of payment.

The amounts due by the Customer must be paid immediately at the time the Product is ordered. Before the Customer executes an Order, the Customer has the opportunity to review and accept the full fee that will be charged for the Order. The following payment methods are accepted by MORO ESSENTIALS: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Ideal. 

MORO ESSENTIALS reserves the right - within legal frameworks - to inform itself whether the Customer will be able to fulfil its payment obligations as well as of all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the Agreement. If, on the basis of this examination, MORO ESSENTIALS has sound reasons for not entering into the Agreement, it shall be entitled to refuse an Order, giving reasons, or to attach special conditions to its execution.

The Customer shall be under the obligation to notify MORO ESSENTIALS immediately of any inaccuracies in payment data provided or stated. MORO ESSENTIALS shall take appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and shall provide a secure web environment. If the Customer pays electronically, MORO ESSENTIALS shall observe appropriate security measures.

Art. 6 - The Agreement. 

The Order shall be concluded, subject to the provisions of article 3 of these General Terms and Conditions, at the moment of acceptance of the Order by the Customer and fulfilment of the conditions set out, including payment thereof.

MORO ESSENTIALS shall promptly confirm acceptance of the Order by electronic means. From the moment of acceptance of the Order, the Order shall be converted into an Agreement between MORO ESSENTIALS and the Customer. As long as the Order is not confirmed by MORO ESSENTIALS and no Agreement has thus been formed, the Customer shall have the possibility to cancel the Order.

Art. 7 - Delivery.  

MORO ESSENTIALS shall perform the Agreement ("Delivery") with due diligence. In accordance with article 3 of these General Terms and Conditions, MORO ESSENTIALS shall have the Delivery carried out by the applicable delivery service(s) with due speed but not later than fourteen (14) working days, unless a longer delivery period was indicated. Any delivery periods mentioned by MORO ESSENTIALS are indicative only and therefore Customer cannot derive any rights from them.

The place of delivery shall be the delivery address indicated by the Customer during the ordering process. MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be deemed to be responsible for the consequences of the communication of incorrect data by the Customer. If the delivery address provided is incorrect or incomplete and the Products need to be reshipped, additional costs will be charged to the Customer. 

The following delivery methods are suggested by MORO ESSENTIALS: Delivery to a delivery address provided by the Customer.
The risk shall be transferred to the Customer at the time of unloading the Products by the carrier, freight forwarder or other person employed. If the Product was delivered damaged, Article 9 of these General Terms and Conditions must be strictly followed.

The Order is delivered to the delivery address provided by the Client. If no one is present to take delivery of the Order at the time of Delivery, a notice shall be left behind. This notice of offer shall indicate the postal address where the Customer may collect the Products. The Products shall remain available to the Customer at the postal address for fourteen (14) days following the day of Delivery. After this period, the Products shall be returned to MORO ESSENTIALS' warehouse, if applicable. In that case, the Customer may contact MORO ESSENTIALS in order to organize a new Delivery at the Customer's expense.

Art. 8 - Right of withdrawal. 

The Customer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement between MORO ESSENTIALS and the Customer, without giving reasons, during fourteen (14) days ("Withdrawal Period"). This Withdrawal Period shall commence on the day following receipt of the Product by or on behalf of the Customer. The Customer is only granted a right of withdrawal when the Products are returned to MORO ESSENTIALS in a perfect, unused condition.

The Customer shall inform MORO ESSENTIALS of its decision to exercise its right of withdrawal ("Right of Withdrawal") within the Withdrawal Period. For this purpose, the Customer shall contact MORO ESSENTIALS at the email address provided within the Cancellation Period.

After the Customer has notified MORO ESSENTIALS of the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal, the Customer shall return the Product indicated within fourteen (14) days ("Return Period") by post to the return address indicated by MORO ESSENTIALS (MORO Essentials, Ijsedal, Schavei 75, 3090 Overijse). Any return costs shall be borne by the Customer. MORO ESSENTIALS shall confirm the receipt of the returned Product by e-mail. 

MORO ESSENTIALS shall refund the Customer the amounts received for the returned Product, including, where applicable, the delivery costs, unless the standard delivery method was not opted for. The refund shall be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the returned Product. MORO ESSENTIALS shall make this refund using the same method of payment as used by the Customer for the Order.

Throughout the withdrawal period, Customer shall handle the Product and its packaging with care. The Customer shall only unpack the Product to the extent necessary to judge properly whether he wishes to keep it. The Right of Withdrawal can only be exercised if the Product is returned in its new condition, in its original packaging and in perfect condition, including any instructions for use. 

MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be obliged to take back a Product which is returned after the Cancellation Period, which is returned without following the procedure set out in the present Article, of which the packaging has been opened and/or which contains traces of use. The assessment of whether a Product is to be taken back shall be made by MORO ESSENTIALS. The reasons for not taking back a Product shall be provided to the Customer upon request.

Art. 9 - Guarantee and conformity. 

The statutory warranty period for Products not complying with the Agreement, the specifications stated in the Offer, the reasonable requirements of soundness and/or usability and the statutory provisions and/or government regulations existing at the date of the conclusion of the Agreement, is two (2) years within which MORO ESSENTIALS reserves the right to replace the Product. If a replacement is not possible or disproportionate, MORO ESSENTIALS undertakes to refund the payments received for the Product concerned. 

Upon Delivery, the Customer undertakes to verify that the quality and quantity of the Product correspond to the Agreement. Any complaint concerning visible defects or missing Products must be made by e-mail to the Customer Service Department at hello@moro-essentials.com within fourteen (14) days of the Delivery at the latest. If the Customer fails to submit a complaint within this period, the Customer loses his right to complain about visible defects or missing Products. 

In order to invoke the guarantee, the Customer must be able to present the proof of purchase or the invoice and the proof of a Delivery arriving with visible defects or missing Products. The guarantee is not transferable. Any defect must be reported to Customer Services at hello@moro-essentials.com within fourteen (14) days of its discovery. After that, any right to the guarantee lapses. Customer Service will indicate to the Customer the steps to be followed to return the Products. In any case, the Products may only be returned after prior written confirmation by MORO ESSENTIALS.

The benefit of the guarantee is not possible for a defect resulting from: (i) fault, negligence of the Customer; (ii) repair or modification of the good by the Customer or a third party; (iii) poor maintenance; (iv) negligent use or use under abnormal conditions; (v) a cause inherent in the normal period of use or lifetime of the Product; (vi) an external cause not attributable to MORO ESSENTIALS, and; (vii) fault, negligence or services of third parties.

Art. 10 - Complaints procedure. 

MORO ESSENTIALS hopes to always satisfy the Customer with the Products and the associated service. If, however, something should go wrong, the Customer can always contact customer services at hello@moro-essentials.com. MORO ESSENTIALS shall endeavour to deal with complaints within a period of seven (7) days.

Art. 11 - Force Majeure. 

Force Majeure ("Force Majeure") releases MORO ESSENTIALS from any liability. MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be obliged to accept Orders nor to execute Agreements in all cases of Force Majeure. MORO ESSENTIALS shall have the choice either to suspend its obligations for the duration of the Force Majeure or to dissolve the Agreements definitively without any dissolution costs.
Cases of Force Majeure shall include: extreme weather conditions, strikes, blockades or riots, lock-out, fire, damage to production facilities, no or late delivery by our suppliers, government measures. This list is not exhaustive. Customers are not entitled to cancel an Agreement or to refuse receipt or payment for ordered Products. No financial or commercial compensation of any kind will be permitted on the grounds of Force Majeure.

Art. 12 - Limitation of liability. 

MORO ESSENTIALS is not responsible for any interruption in the availability of or access to the Website, any malfunctioning of the computer system, viruses or other inconveniences that might arise from the use of this Website. 

MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be responsible for any loss or material or other damage of any kind suffered by the Customer or any third party through the use of the Products. This shall also apply to the cases provided for in Article 9 of these General Terms and Conditions.

All deadlines mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions on the part of MORO ESSENTIALS, with the exception of the Cancellation and Return Deadlines, are purely indicative and without any obligation on the part of MORO ESSENTIALS. Accordingly, MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be liable for any failure to meet any deadline or for any other damage which may be caused by any fault or negligence on the part of MORO ESSENTIALS. MORO ESSENTIALS shall only be liable for gross negligence in respect of the choice of shipment, transport or courier. Any consequential damage or any other damage which cannot be foreseen by a party at the time of concluding the Agreement shall be excluded from compensation. 
The entire liability of MORO ESSENTIALS shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product in question.

MORO ESSENTIALS shall not be responsible for any damage of any kind in connection with the Handwash or Bodywash (-refill) and/or any damage whatsoever arising from its use. The person responsible for the Handwash or Bodywash (-refill) is Yasmine Mili 

Art. 13 - Intellectual property. 

MORO ESSENTIALS remains the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights pertaining to the Products, the Website as well as the name and logo under which the Products are offered and its images. Our written consent is necessary for the use of pictures or logos of our Products in, inter alia, magazines, newspapers, on websites or on the Internet or for transmission to third parties.

The Site was created for the Customer's personal and non-commercial use. It is prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish or create derivative works from any information or material available on the Website. However, the Customer is permitted to download the content of the Website and make a copy thereof for purely personal and non-commercial use, provided that the original state of the content is preserved. 

The Customer undertakes not to modify or imitate any Products offered by MORO ESSENTIALS or to affect the intellectual property rights of MORO ESSENTIALS.

Art. 14 - Data protection and privacy. 

When placing Orders, the Customer is asked to provide some personal data in order to make the Agreement and Delivery possible. MORO ESSENTIALS undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of these personal data and to treat them with respect. More information on the handling of personal data by MORO ESSENTIALS can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Art. 15 - Applicable law. 

Any dispute between the Customer and MORO ESSENTIALS shall exclusively be governed by Belgian law. The courts of Brussels are competent to take cognisance of any dispute, regardless of the reason.