Why Black Friday can have a big positive impact (for us)

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Why Black Friday can have a big positive impact (for us)

Black Friday, Green Friday or what’s in a name. Let’s cut the crap, can we? 

Our first reaction when our digital agency asked us if we would participate to Black Friday “NO, OF COURSE NOT, we’re a sustainable brand” (on a defensive tone).

And that got us thinking. Thinking about our core goal, which is to eliminate as many single-use plastic bottles as possible. Thinking about consumer buying behavior.

And it all comes down to a combination of habits and common sense

Yasmine & Lorenz - founders MORO

We all have habits, habits that are sometimes pushed from the outside without us even realizing and that we get used to. Black Friday is one of them pushed into our lives from the big guys in the US. Let’s not debate if that’s a good or bad thing. It's a fact that it's integrated in our lives, and is most probably here to stay for a while. So why not use it for good?

Is it ’sustainable’ to offer crazy discounts for a period of time? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends how you look at it. It’s a personal thing for both brands and consumers and there is no right or wrong.

Sustainability is not black or white, it’s a sentence we keep on repeating.

If we would look at it from a purely black or white approach, and claim Black Friday is a bad thing, then we shouldn’t buy ‘Sinterklaas’ presents, we shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas with way too much food, we shouldn’t give our mom’s a present every year that she might not need. 

It all comes down to one simple thing, common sense, or as we say in dutch ‘gezond boerenverstand'. See a Black Friday offer that looks super appealing, but you know in your heart you really don’t need or brings you no benefit? Skip it. Do you see a Black Friday ad that is truly something you would use and maybe always wanted but hesitated if it was the right moment? Then just do it. 

In the end we’re all human and we are all triggered by marketing and their offers, even the most ‘sustainable’ (again, what’s in a name) people on earth. No one is holier than the pope, and that’s even another question if he’s that holy ;-) 

So basically the message we wanted to bring here was simply - MORO will be offering some Black Friday deals.

Because our business model is literally “the more you buy - the more impact you make”. Embracing Black Friday, with all its complexities, can serve as a platform for us to reach a broader audience and influence consumer behavior positively. And if that means lowering prices for a certain amount of time and making less margin, so be it. 

Yasmine & Lorenz